With Big Slut burgers and an egg sandwich that serves up an entire eel, Los Angeles egg and sandwich specialty store eggslut has been making some pretty been offering some pretty enticing menu options in Japan.

Their new fall menu continues the trend of gourmet egg sandwich options, and it's headlined by a juicy and thick mouthful of a katsu sandwich!

The new Rare Salmon Cutlet & Porcini Egg Sandwich is essentially a luxury egg and salmon katsu (deep fried cutlet) sandwich. The premium egg sandwich serves up fresh melt-in-your-mouth rare salmon, which is quickly deep fried in a spiced batter and paired with eggslut's signature creamy, fermented butter-scented eggs. The sandwich also features a Dijon mustard and mayonnaise sauce and "secret" porcini paste sauce, savory vegetables, soy-sauce marinated salmon roe, anchovies, fresh cream, and porcini mushrooms. As you can see, it's quite loaded!

Salmon Gravlax, the classic with aged salmon marinated with beet and egg salad is also part of the new fall menu.

The dessert options include a new thick homemade pudding arranged as chestnut Mont Blanc.

The pudding is made with premium heirloom eggs, cooked slowly, and topped with European chestnuts and Madagascar vanilla cream. It's accented with sweet and sour dried cranberries and crushed cookies with bittersweet roasted cacao.

The fall menu will be available at eggslut Japan from September 15th to November 22nd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.