It can be pretty frustrating for cat owners to watch their kitties reject fancy cat beds and plushies they shower them with. Fortunately for Japanese Twitter user @potechi_nikki, that's not the case at all--although it provides for some jarring imagery in their house!

Recently, @potechi_nikki brought home a whale shark plushie they won at Japanese bowling alley Round One. It's originally for people to insert their hands in to play around or even their feet when things get cold. Apparently @potechi_nikki's sense to use it as a gift for their cat proved correct, as the curious feline is inseparable from the whale shark plushie--especially diving into its mouth!

The cat simply can't help but crawl into the comfy confines of the whale shark's mouth, often looking as if he's been swallowed whole (or halfway when he's sticking out) when he burrows deep into it. The delightful sight has many cat lovers online hoping to visit Round One and win one of their own.

You can view a longer version of the cat's special friendship with the whale shark on @potechi_nikki's YouTube channel.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.