Sometimes a photograph will capture the unexpected.

Saho (@urbex_34), a Japanese photographer of ruins, landscapes, and unusual architecture in Japan and abroad, posted a photo on Twitter that can truly be called a coincidence.

Saho photographed the exterior of a restaurant in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and found a surreal scene.

Look at this photo, which looks like a scene from a horror movie!

Reproduced with permission from Saho (@urbex_34)

This wasn't an actual monster-size crab that suddenly showed up in the heart of the city, but a crab restaurant called Kanigen!

The restaurant is instantly recognizable by its huge crab sculpture. However, the composition of the photo with a person walking under the sculpture suddenly gives the image horror film vibes.

Indeed, fans of vintage sci-fi horror films may imagine a sequel to the 1957 Attack of the Crab Monsters in which mutant intelligent crabs attack scientists on an expedition to a remote Pacific Island. At the end of the film, the surviving crab threatened to go to the mainland with her eggs and feed on more people...

This photo looks like there's a giant crab lurking in the shadows of the building before sneaking up on a passerby, ready to pounce and attack. Its red eyes are also terrifying!

The picture was widely shared and elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "Hey man, look up! look up!"
  • "I'm sure the scene looks even more impressive at night."
  • "This is looks like a scene from a horror movie..."

Capturing unexpected coincidences is one of the joys of photography!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.