Bigger fast food chains in Japan may offer some eye-catching limited edition specials, such as McDonald's first ever rice burgers and Burger King's all-you-can-eat one pound behemoth burgers, but Dom Dom Burger has the nostalgic appeal of being the country's first ever burger chain.

Their latest release may give it some extra appeal, however, as the long-standing burger joint will be adding a celebratory "whole fried crab burger"--claws and all--to its menu!

The Whole Crab Burger is a commemorative release of the chain's new opening of a store in Japan's oldest theme park, Asakusa Hanayashiki. The burger sandwiches an entire fried soft shell crab in between two buns, so you can enjoy the umami of fresh crab meat, the crunch of a shell, and of course, the guts.

Here's a couple of freshly served crab burgers.

The whole crab burgers will be released at all Dom Domu locations in Japan Saturday, September 19th, the same date the new store open ups.

By - Big Neko.