Burger King has been grabbing fast food headlines with some pretty head-turning men offerings lately in Japan. Whether it be gargantuan meat mountains like the Tokyo Teriyaki Tower Super One Pound Beef Burger, or the world's first ever Ice Whopper, the menu seems to get an interesting addition monthly. One of their most curious releases recently, however, was when they teased the release of "The Fake Burger", which they later revealed to be a burger made of fries and minced meat sauce--essentially the chain's take on a chip butty, a thick fry (read: chips) filled sandwich.

It seems Burger King has decided to take that concept and fancy it up, as they will be adding some beef and chicken patties, as well as a gourmet sauce as they release their two new Guilty Porcini Burgers.

Burger King Japan's Guilty Burger series is characterized by their craft buns that have "soaked up butter" using a process of slowly pouring butter into the dough after the fermentation process has finished, and then handmaking and baking each one by one. The richly flavored and aromatic buns are definitely supposed to playfully make you feel guilty as you chow down on their hefty contents.

The new duo of Guilty Burgers is a big one for mushroom lovers, to say the least. The Guilty Porcini Beef Burger and The Guilty Porcini Chicken Burger both top their respective flame-broiled beef of fried chicken patty with a heap of French fries, but also come with a creamy sauce filled with the rich flavor of mushrooms. The sauce uses five different types of fall favorite in season mushrooms: eringi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms.

Burger King says the the combination of the creamy mushroom sauce, crispy French fries, rich-tasting butter-soaked craft buns, as well as meaty beef or chicken patty will have customers coming back for more--and probably feeling a bit guilty about it!

The Guilty Beef Porcini Burger

The Guilty Chicken Porcini Burger

Both Guilty Porcini Burgers will be released on October 7th, with The Guilty Beef Porcini Burger priced at 590 yen a la carte and 890 yen in a set, and The Guilty Chicken Porcini Burger at 540 yen a la carte and 840 yen in a set.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.