At long-standing sushi restaurants in Japan, it's not uncommon to look up at the wall and see black and white photos that show the first generation sushi chefs and masters of the restaurant, dating back through the ages to when the restaurant first opened. The photos often give an appreciation of how the restaurant has been kept thriving through a family for generations, and also serve as a testament to quality flavor that stands the test of time.

When Manarisu (@manarisu9475) visited sushi restaurant Yurakucho Kakida and spotted one such photo, they could only assume it such a venerable history. Especially considering how delicious the sushi meal they enjoyed looks!

So when Manarisu glanced at the old timey photo of restaurant proprietors standing in front of the shop in what appeared to be Edo era Japan, they felt a sense of history during their meal.

Source: @manarisu9475

That is, until they noticed the date written in the bottom-hand right corner...

"The sushi restaurant I went to yesterday.

It had such a sense of being a long-established restaurant.

But the picture is actually from the fourth year of the Reiwa Era."

Manarisu and now many online were shocked when the picture they assumed from long ago was actually not that old at all! The caption on the photo reads "創業令和4年7月9日" (Founded July 9th of the Reiwa Era). "Reiwa" is the current era name of the Japanese calendar scheme (associated with the change of an Emperor), and the fourth year of the Reiwa era is actually 2022! That means the photo is from the very recent founding of the restaurant--just a matter of four months ago!

The deceptive visual gag was a big hit on Twitter with other sushi fans, with many praising the restaurant's sense of humor. Others also brought up how if the sushi restaurant intends--and looks--to be a long-running generational shop going forward, it makes for a great starting photo!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.