SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd. will run a "My Melody♡ Happy Birthday SHIBUYA109 Campaign" from January 16th to 31st, 2023, to celebrate the birthday of Sanrio's popular character My Melody at the SHIBUYA109 department store.

My Melody fans will be able to enjoy a variety of adorable and tasty collaboration sweets and drinks at the "MOG MOG STAND" food court on the B2 floor.

Moreover, if you visit on January 21st and make purchases totaling over 5,000 JPY at Shibuya 109, you'll be able to take photos with My Melody at 1 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4:30 PM on the 8th floor. Present your receipt at the first-floor reception desk to receive a numbered ticket for the session available.

Participating food stores


From left to right:

  • マイメロディ まぜて楽しい♪ クランベリーのバブルガムジュース My Meldoy's 'fun to mix' cranberry bubblegum juice 660 JPY
  • マイメロディ お祝いいちごそふと My Melody's celebratory strawberry soft serve ice cream 660 JPY
  • マイメロディ スペシャルバースデーパフェ~大好きなアーモンドパウンドケーキ添え~ My Melody's special birthday parfait with her favorite almond pound cake on top 1,320 JPY.


From left to right:

  • マイメロディ ゆめかわパーティー My Melody's Yumekawa Party 750 JPY
  • マイメロディ いちごパーティー My Melody's strawberry party 750 JPY
  • イチゴクロッフル マイメロディver. Strawberry croiffle My Melody ver. 704 JPY.

バナナショック‼ Banana Shock!! and ViTO

From left to right:

  • マイメロディ特製 らぶり~バナナジュース My Melody's special lovely banana juice 748 JPY
  • マイメロディバースデイミニクレープ My Melody's birthday mini crepe 650 JPY.


As a novelty, an original charm will be given away with each purchase of a menu item. In addition, IMADA KITCHEN will give you an original coaster (a total of 3 types, chosen at random) with each purchase of a participating menu item.

Moreover, shoppers who make purchases totaling at least 3,000 JPY (including tax) at Shibuya 109 will receive a special not-for-sale sticker (two types chosen at random) featuring the original birthday campaign visuals.

More information is available at the campaign's official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.