Making its first foray into the Kanto area after establishing itself in Osaka, health-conscious restaurant Cosme Kitchen Adaptation, is opening a new branch on the 7th floor of the Shibuya Hikarie building adjacent to Shibuya Station on January 26th, 2023.

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation is dedicated to providing meals that are not only delicious but also promote healthy living with a focus on "clean eating."

Selections from the menu

The menu is tailored to cater to those who follow a vegan, gluten-free, raw food or macrobiotic diet. Vegans will also be happy to find a variety of vegan tapas and side dishes to enjoy with drinks or for a light meal. And for those who allow meat in their diet, you can rest assured that the restaurant uses only high-quality meat from animals raised and fed with care.

Main Dishes

All-in-One Bowl (オールインワンボウル) - priced at 2,299 JPY

This healthy and high-protein bowl is a special salad bowl that includes a salad made with carefully selected vegetables, as well as falafel, hummus, and high-protein deli items. The bowl is a perfect combination of taste and nutrition that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

One-plate meal w/choice of main dish (メインが選べるワンプレートミール) - priced at 2,629 JPY.

For those who feel that vegetables alone might leave them wanting more, this meal is a combination of the "All-in-One Bowl" and a main dish that you can choose from. For example, in the photo above, you can see their "veggie karaage," a vegetarian alternative to Japanese fried chicken.

Oriental avocado toast with whole wheat French sourdough (「全粒粉カンパーニュのオリエンタルアボカドトースト」) - priced at 1,518 JPY

This dish features avocado and seasonal vegetables, on a slice of whole wheat French sourdough baked with natural yeast, and topped with a spicy original paste made with Satế Tôm (a Vietnamese satay sauce featuring shrimp and lemongrass), tahini, and lime. It's recommended as a light meal or snack.

Vegan chicken and waffles (「ヴィーガンワッフルチキン」) - priced at 1,848 JPY.

This vegan take on the classic American soul food, chicken and waffles, features mochi (unsweetened glutinous rice cake) instead of chicken, deep-fried in a batter made from gluten-free flour. It comes with homemade tartar sauce, vegan cheddar cheese sauce, and maple mustard, creating a sweet and savory taste that's hard to resist.

Duck ragu with organic balsamic and porcini-infused tagliatelle (「鴨のラグー 有機バルサミコとポルチーニの香り タリアテッレ」) - priced at 2,178 JPY.

This is a hearty pasta dish that features duck and seasonal vegetables cooked slowly in organic balsamic and red wine, creating a rich and deep flavor. The dish is served with homemade tagliatelle infused with a hint of porcini aroma. It pairs well with a glass of wine.

Vegan strawberry shortcake parfait (「ヴィーガンストロベリーショートケーキパフェ」) - priced at 2,288 JPY.

A special menu item only available during winter, this parfait is layered with homemade organic soy milk vanilla agar jelly, plenty of strawberries, homemade vegan custard cream, and a rice flour sponge cake. Topped with organic soy milk amazake soft-serve ice cream, roasted coconut and gold powder, and a whole strawberry for a fancy finish.

Herbal teas

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation offers 7 types of original organic herbal tea blends, each with its own health benefits. Customers can choose the tea that best suits their mood and physical condition.

  • Promoting Good Circulation: Ginger & Citrus Tea
  • Beauty: Pink Flower Tea
  • Balance: Japanese and Chinese Blend Tea
  • Detox: Super Detox Tea
  • Relaxation: Relaxation Blend Tea
  • Support: Women's Hormonal Balance Tea
  • Purification and Disease-Prevention: Turmeric Blend Tea

Vegan cakes for takeout

Images for illustrative purposes only.

If you'd like to nibble on something sweet to enjoy later in the comfort of your hotel as you unwind, why not pick up some delicious vegan cakes available for takeout? For example, their special vegan baked cheesecake is made with a unique recipe that reproduces the texture and flavor of conventional baked cheesecake. Customers can also enjoy seasonal flavors through unique vegan sweets that can only be found at this restaurant.

Collaboration drink with FEMMUE

To commemorate the new branch's opening, Cosme Kitchen Adaptation is also offering a limited-time collaboration drink with the popular Korean botanical skincare brand FEMMUE. The "FEMMUE Dream Glow Latte" (ICED or HOT) is priced at 1,628 JPY and comes with one Dream Glow Mask. The drink will be available from January 26th to March 31st.

All prices listed above include tax. Depending on market conditions, vegetable and fruit ingredients in some menu items may vary from the descriptions above.

Restaurant Information

  • Name: Cosme Kitchen Adaptation Shibuya Hikarie (「コスメキッチン アダプテーション 渋谷ヒカリエ店」)
  • Open Date: January 26th, 2023 (Thursday)
  • Address: 7th floor of Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Access: Shibuya Hikarie is directly connected to Shibuya Station
  • Phone Number: 03-6433-5381 (from January 26th, 2023)
  • Seating Capacity: 50 seats
  • Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM (L.O. 10:30 PM)
  • Website (Reservations can be made for parties of 2 and greater)
  • Instagram

In addition to the delicious food options, the restaurant also offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Whether your diet is vegan, gluten-free, raw food, or macrobiotic, or you simply prefer to make healthy choices when you dine out, you're sure to find something on the menu that will suit your dietary needs and lifestyle choices.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.