Ramen and gyoza is an inseparable combo that just about everybody loves, and Japanese instant noodle maker Nissin recently decided to put the two together in one serving of their popular Cup Noodle instant ramen!

It's called Cup Noodle Gyoza BIG.

The name itself is appetizing in itself, so we decided to pick on up to see how the classic ramen restaurant combo tasted in Cup Noodle form!

The Cup Noodle even came with a packet of gyoza dipping sauce, which is a mixture of soy sauce, sesame chili oil, and vinegar.

The sauce gets added last, so we poured in some hot water and waited for it to cook for the usual 3 minutes.

Above is what it looked like after the 3 minutes of cooking passed.

You can actually see the typical Ggyoza ingredients such as chives and cabbage and of course, as well as Cup Noodle's famous "mystery meat" (which as it turns out, is no longer a mystery).

Lastly, we topped it off with the gyoza sauce, and our gyoza and ramen combo was ready.

When we took a sip of the soup, the flavor of spicy sesame oil from the gyoza sauce quickly spread through our mouth and gave delicious but not overpowering punch from the get go.

As warned on package, this is indeed a Cup Noodle flavor that will make you crave a bowl of rice.

The combination of classic dumpling fillings and sauce gives this Cup Noodle much more of a gyoza-like flavor than a ramen one.. The chives in particular were quite tasty.

Even though we were slurping ramen, it somehow gave us the illusion that we were eating gyoza!

If you're in the mood to have ramen and gyoza to your heart's content, Cup Noodle Gyoza BIG may be the perfect pick for you!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.