The world of hit anime and manga series Attack on Titan is grim and terrifying, which isn't all that different from what many people imagine when told they are being served "mystery meat". Fortunately, after a slew of adventurous promotional campaigns that included a giant Omega Weapon Spork from Final Fantasy and a beautiful commercial that imagines where Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service would be in her schoolgirl days, Nissin Cup Noodle finally revealed what was in their fabled mystery meat, and it's far less frightening than a world of Titans.

However, even with the secret of the mystery meat out, rumors persist on the internet about its peculiar nature. Seemingly fed up with this needless hearsay, Nissin has imagined the protagonists of Attack on Titan laying waste to an army of Cup Noodle titans, boiling them and revealing their rather ordinary ingredients undaunted. But after triumphing over the ordinary "mystery meat rumors" titans, they are taken aback by a new breed of titans represented by Cup Noodle's new flavor--Smoky Chili Soy Sauce! They're forced to band together and battle with forks and kettles.

A translation of some of the opening lines:

Hange: "'Mystery Meat' is just a name that came from the internet!"

Mikasa: "For the official company to even use the term..."

Jean: "But its true ingredient was already revealed!"

Armin: "It's made out of meat and soybeans, it's not a mystery anymore!"

Erwin: "Pour boiling water on them!"

Just as they've sent the mystery meat talk titans to their graves, they are ambushed and bewildered by a "new breed" of Smoky Chili Soy Sauce titans. It doesn't take long before Hange and and Levi come to the conclusion that regardless of the breed, the solution is the same--prepare kettles with hot water and stick your forks into the new flavor of Cup Noodle.

By - Big Neko.