Kotatsu - an essential Japanese household item during winter - has been much talked about since it was picked by the social media in the past couple of months. We've covered it ourselves in our recent article. Now cats have discovered the heated, blanketed table to keep themselves super comfy.

Don't forget to bring a mandarin with you


I. Can't. Get. Out.

A true bliss...

Like being in a tanning bed

Only a second before passing out...

This is the cat's first time in a Kotatsu

Now she's an addict.

While some prefer a little less heat

Peeking inside and there you are

This cat's expression says it all

So the devastating consequences for being cozy in Kotatsu applies not only humans but also for cats.

Their honest expression almost makes us want to have a nap in a Kotatsu, like, right now.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.