Apparently over thousands of species of insects are edible, and by eating them you might be doing the world a favor. It turns out the little critters are both cheap and sustainable sources of protein.

This years Tokyo bug-eating festival happened at a fashionable venue in the city’s Tamachi neighborhood, and was their sixth event.

Professional insect chefs (there is such a thing!) was on-site preparing freshly cooked worm meals to warm up adventurous stomachs.

Turkestan cockroach

500 yen/ 4 USD

Stewed hornet larvae shabu shabu

2 hornets for 400 yen/ 3 USD

Choices of freshly-made Sushi- locust, mealworm, green banana cockroach, silkworm pupa, and black wasp

2 piece for 400 yen/ 3 USD

Mealworm nigiri (left) and Black wasp gunkan (right)

Mealworms for easy take-out

Rice crackers with bugs mashed into dough

Glass of water... (mixed with giant water bug extract)

Specifically speaking..

Giant water bug (lethocerus deyrollei) extract is flavorless, yet has a sweet smell. In Japan, it is considered as threatening insects, which kind of explains why was mixed into it.

Japan is no doubt a food paradise, every little kind of market exists in this country no matter what kind of reaction they may get. Look forward to next year's Tokyo bug-eating festival!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.