A Christmas miracle doesn't always have to be a spectacle, or a dream coming true. It can simply be a basic act of kindness--because the impact of that on somebody in need of it can be immeasurable. Case in point, this little girl named Sophie Jo who mistook a regular shopper, for Santa Claus, wandering up to him and asking him Christmas questions.

His response? Not skipping a beat, and showing her the true meaning of the Christmas spirit.

The video comes courtesy of WSAZ NewsChannel 3, who received the video from Robert Beaver, the nephew of the "Santa Claus" in the video, named Roger Larck. Sophie Jo's father Robert commented on the video, expressing what an impact it made on his daughter to have Roger play along and entertain his daughter:

"This is my daughter Sophie Jo with Santa. We want to say thank you to Mr Roger Larck and his wife Robin Beaver-Larck for making our little girls world. It is so awesome to be able to spread good and joy this christmas."

We imagine that because of his appearance, this may not be the first time Roger has been mistaken for Santa. Judging by his kindness and giving spirit, we're sure it won't be the last.

Maybe the little girl didn't make a mistake after all.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.