Japanese people getting creative with LEGOs on YouTube is nothing new, and the trend of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants being built from the nostalgic building-block toys has even started to become a bit of a trend in recent months. The scale of this one built by Dr. Peisan, however, is making a claim for the most impressive we've seen with it's colorful cast of characters that would fit in a Star Wars Cantina.

This LEGO conveyor-belt sushi restaurant (kaitenzushi, 回転寿司) features groups of aliens and samurai stuffing themselves with food and beer, a BB-8 served on a plate, and even a guy using the bathroom. Take a quick look at this video that shows off the creative detail of a sushi joint we wish was real.

Some high resolution shots of details you can't see in the video are featured at Dr. Peisan's blog, which we highly recommend you take a look at.

BB-8 on a plate?


Source: YouTube

Getting drunk with aliens and samurai sure sounds like fun!


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.