Now with over 13 million downloads, Neko Atsume has become one of the most popular Japanese cat collecting games on the market. In alignment with the game’s ever-growing popularity, Neko Atsume goods have also been taking the world by storm, including Neko Atsume-inspired toys for real cats.

But there’s a new Neko Atsume item in town — the Nekoatsume Cat Tower Calendar 2016 by KADOGAWA Corporation.


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times

The calendar starts from April, coinciding with the beginning of the Japanese school year. There’s no better way to keep track of your hectic schedule with this cute, playful calendar.

It’s made like a puzzle, so you can piece them together and stack them however you please. If you make 3 separate cubes and stack them on top of each other, you’ll have your very own cat tower! It looks like something cats would love, so to be safe you might want to keep these somewhere out of their reach (if there is such a place).


Source: PR Times


Source: PR Times

The Neko Atsume calendar can be purchased here for 1,300 yen (11.51 USD) plus tax. With your favorite cats helping you maintain your schedule, even the most dreadful months might feel a little less daunting.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.