It’s common for celebrities to sign their signatures through handwriting, but not for Japanese sumo wrestlers. They have their own style to serve their truthful fans, using their own basket size bare hands stamp, slapping through thousands of cards again and again. The big star is surrounded with assistant sumo wrestlers, helping him by feeding and catching each palm signed signatures.

Having attained the title Yokozuna, the highest possible rank in the sumo world is Hakuho Sho, who owns a large fanbase than most other wrestlers. In return, he needs to make an extra-large batch of tegata (Hand-shape signature) for the upcoming March Tournament on Sunday in Osaka.

The Mongolian-born Yokozuna had a total of 1500 tegata to get through. As you may tell from his Twitter, he is already getting used to the high-pace work environment. We wish him great luck on his next ring match.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.