As a kid, there was a simple wonder of the world that existed in your cup of hot chocolate or cocoa. Marshmallows bobbed up and down, inviting you to warm yourself up with a nice, relaxing drink. It's hard to recapture that magic as you grow older, but thanks to these marshmallows that blossom into pretty flower shapes when placed in your cup, we can at least appreciate a new aesthetic charm! While Dominique Ansel's blooming marshmallows are not particularly new, the Winter season has made them a hot topic again, so here's a friendly reminder.

They come courtesy of Dominique Ansel (Cronut creator) and his bakeries in New York, London, and Tokyo. The blossoming sweets and creative twist on hot chocolate come in at least three flavors (orange, peppermint, and lavender), and have become a huge buzz on the internet, causing many in Japan to race to the Shibuya location for a cup of artsy goodness. Here's a few more videos of them in action.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.