For the most part, heavy snowfall in this January covered Kyoto in a gorgeous blanket of snow, elevating the already scenic city to a whole new level of beauty, not all benefited from the white new coat. While not many of us would normally feel very sorry for a tengu (天狗, or "heavenly dog"), a powerful and not-so-nice supernatural being found in Japanese folklore, you can't help but feel bad for this poor tengu at Kurama station, as the snowfall was so heavy it caused his nose to collapse!

Normally a Tengu looks like this

But after heavy snowfall in Kyoto, the Kurama Tengu ended up like this

Source: Sankei Shinbun

Naturally, Japan decided to take the opportunity to respond as adorably as possible, and possibly out of reverence for the powerful spirit by fixing his nose with a bandage!

According to Kyoto News, the popular Tengu's distinctly long nose (2.8 meters long) broke down under the weight of the snow. Tourists are fond of taking pictures with the Tengu infront of Kurama station of the Eizan Electric Railway company. A company statement cutely explained that "It's really too bad. After giving him first aid, we will consider restoration measures."

The sign under the Tengu actually reads: "Strong>currently under treatment."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.