Japan has never shied away from challenging the medium of canned beverages as a vessel for its favorite sweets. In the past, we've seen Japanese vending machines and convenience stores offer up canned variations of drinkable cream puffs and even sticky kinako mochi rice cakes. But as Christmas season, which is often celebrate in Japan with cake, approaches, the DyDo drink company is aiming for bold new heights by stocking their vending machines with a new drinkable strawberry short cake in a can.

The canned shortcake beverage was made with the intent of providing a way satisfy the cake-craving sweet tooth of customers who might have too stressful a schedule to sit down with an actual slice of cake. A spokesman claims that it was incredibly difficult to capture the taste of a Christmas-season strawberry shortcake in a canned drink, but after trial and error, they settled on a winning recipe that provides a taste "never seen before".

The drinkable shortcake uses the famously glossy and sweet Amaou strawberries of Fukuoka prefecture, as well as lauded fresh cream from Hokkaido. Outside of having your own personal drinkable cake, the selling point of the drink is that the texture of the beverage changes depending on how many times you shake the can--meaning you can adjust to find your preferred version.

The "Grand Time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake" will be available starting November 28th in acure branded vending machines in JR East railway stations, priced at 165 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.