Somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya station, the area known as "Okushibu" continues to gain popularity for its more laid-back atmosphere, galleries and boutiques, fashionable concept restaurants and gastropubs.

Outdoor Dish Grill & Wine Maruta, a trendy camping-themed gastropub which just opened this summer in the Udagawacho neighborhood with a log cabin-like interior and serving a variety of hearty Dutch oven-roasted dishes together with a full selection of beers and wine, has just announced a cheese-lover's dream come true just in time for the holiday season.

From December 8th, 2017 to January 31st, 2018, Maruta's special 12-dish holiday course meal with Raclette cheese fondue and an all-you-can drink plan will be available for 4,480 JPY.

Maruta already boasts return customers for its Dutch-oven roasted duck, roast beef or spiced whole chicken. Their stews feature Japanese mushrooms such as shiitake and eryngii along with seasonal vegetables and a flavorful house broth. However, for this special holiday menu, the meal doesn't begin when the waitstaff opens the lid of the Dutch oven at your table. Before that, they bring out a melting, gooey wheel of fragrant French Raclette cheese and drizzle it in for a decadent delight.

The full course includes the following:

  • Chamame soy beans in smoked oil
  • Stewed tomatoes
  • Macaroni salad with uni (sea urchin) sauce
  • Spicy tuna
  • Beef rump marinated in red wine
  • Japanese mushroom salad
  • Crab butter ahijo
  • Baguette bread
  • Raclette cheese stew
  • Maruta's proudly recommended selection of roasted meats (duck, roast beef, spiced whole chicken)
  • Raclette cheese risotto
  • Dessert of the day

At 4,480 JPY per person, the special course includes all-you-can-drink beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks which guests in parties of two or more can enjoy with their meals for a two-hour period.

Maruta has a relaxing camping-theme interior with a log cabin look, sofas as well as tables. You'll feel like you're camping in the great outdoors in the heart of Tokyo.

If you'd like to make your reservation for their special party plan or any other plan, please visit their website.

This promotional video will give you a better feel for the restaurant and their regular offerings:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.