Whenever Japan gears up for hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, during the spring, you can be sure that an inexorable wave of sakura-themed goods are on their way. While these usually come in the form of consumables, like Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccinos and beautifully labeled Coca-Cola bottles, sometimes the country's lauded transportation system gets in the cherry-blossom-loving mood.

To celebrate the upcoming (and in some places, ongoing) sakura season, Tokyo Metro will be running a special limited edition "Sakura Train" in the form of a spruced up Ginza Line. From March 12th to April 8th, carriages of a select Ginza Line 1000 series will decorate their windows to make it appear as if the train is passing through a line of blooming sakura trees, with fluttering sakura petals appearing throughout the train as well.

In addition, every stop on the Ginza Line will be stocking "Hanami Guides", pointing out the best recommended spots in town to enjoy the seasonal beauty of cherry blossoms. The campaign's slogan is "Let's get on a train and go see cherry blossoms!", meant to get commuters in the mood as they travel to their favorite hanami spot, or even provide some cherry blossom joy for those busy traveling to work. Tokyo Metro is also partnering with Asahi, and the trains feature advertisements for Asahi's special edition sakura-labeled beers, which are a favorite of hanami-goers. Hop aboard the Sakura Train, which runs from Shibuya all the way to Asakusa for this hanami season.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.