You can throw a stone in almost any direction and hit a hamburger restaurant in Japan that offers a loud and proud novelty burger, whether it's the absolutely ghoulish Ghostbusters burgers or Lotteria's overwhelming monster, the "comes with everything burger". While limited to only one day, Burger King Japan is getting in on the fun by celebrating one of Japan's many informal holidays.

Much like Eevee Day and Panties and Bunnies Day, the "holiday" originates from a pun. Jokingly, Japanese people often refer to the 29th of any month as "meat day", because "29" can be read as "niku", or "meat". November 11th is written as 11/29, with 11 resembling "ii" (いい), Japanese for "good". Thus, "Good Meat Day", and thus, Burger King Japan is offering a giant five patty whopper!

The Good Meat Day Whopper will be available from November 29th to December 2nd, but only available from 2pm-5pm in limited quantities. Burger King in Japan allows you to add an extra patty to your burger at the extra cost of 250 yen a layer, so the set price of 1,290 yen for this five-patty jaw breaker is actually a slightly better deal than making your own.

By - Big Neko.