Around this time of year, it's almost impossible to pass through any urban zone in Japan without seeing a shopfront, a stand or at the very least an advertisement of some kind for Valentine's Day chocolate. Every department store, supermarket and even convenience store has a lineup of sweet chocolates, so you're sure to find something to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

But what if you're Valentine doesn't care for sweets at all?

There haven't been too many options for the sugar-averse Valentine in Japan thus far, but it looks like 2020 may be different!

Mon Marche Valentine's Day Tuna Packaging

Leave it to luxury canned seafood brand Ocean Princess, whose $50-a-can luxury MAGURO-TORO BLACK LABEL we introduced last year, to devise a new way of selling canned tuna: dressing it up as a Valentine's Day gift!

Tell that special someone in your life he or she's a fine catch with one of these three canned tuna varieties, each one of them packed in a special Valentine's Day label can emblazoned with a heart, and nestled inside a Valentine's Day box:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tuna (Solid)

Mon Marche's representative canned tuna which earned over 80 points in all categories at the 2018 Monde Selection.

Domestic Red Chili Tuna (Flaked)

This tuna makes use of domestic red chili only 0.1% is distributed in Japan. Unlike conventional red chili, it packs a delayed punch. The perfect topping for rice.

Domestic Garlic Tuna (Flaked)

This tuna uses famously fragrant garlic from Onimaru Nouen in Aomori Prefecture. The aroma when you open a can will immediately whet your appetite. Perfect with pasta.

Note: Bon Marche only delivers to addresses within Japan, so if you don't have one, you will need to use a forwarding service like Tenso, have it delivered to a Japanese friend who can forward it to you, or time your delivery with a trip to Japan and have it sent to you during your stay.

By - Ben K.