With a wide variety of fillings and flavors (tuna mayonnaise, fried chicken, pickled plum, and even cake), onigiri, or rice balls, are a very popular light meal in Japan. While considered a traditional Japanese snack, there's been a few twists on onigiri in Japan, including drinkable rice balls. YouTuber and Twitter user Onigiri Gekijou (Rice Ball Theater) may have one of the most fascinating spins on the traditional treat, however, with awesome onigiri art--including this tasty realistic cat rice ball!

In an easy to follow instructional video, Onigiri Gekijou expertly shows how you can create a very lifelike and deliciously detailed kitty rice ball. After kneading the rice into your desired cat head shape, iwa nori seaweed, finely ground black sesame, and katsuobushi bonito flakes are applied--with pliers for fine details--to shape out the cat's facial and fur patterns. The nose is filled out with a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise! The dried bonito flakes actually make the rice ball look furry.

Realistic tasty cat rice balls

Onigiri Gekijou's onigiri art ideas don't end with cats. Their videos teach us how to make a variety of awesome rice balls.

Adorable seal rice balls

Traditional Japanese theater otafuku masks

As well as a cheeky butt of anime character Binbocchama-kun from Obocchama-kun!

If you want to pick up some great rice ball making techniques, be sure to follow Onigiri Gekijou on Twitter and YouTube!

By - Big Neko.