As Japan continues its struggle to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has their unique means of combating the trying situation. Convenience store Lawson generously supplied daycare centers with rice balls for children whose parents couldn't suddenly handle the burden of providing meals, and artists around the country actually summoned an anti-plague demon in hopes of hastening recovery.

For Tohoen, a maker of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) that has been in business for 110 years, perhaps only humble means are available. Still, they've declared that they want to defeat the coronavirus, and have decided to pitch in by making mask wearing versions of their famously creepy cute cat manju!

Manju are a type of traditional Japanese sweet dessert bun that come in a variety of flavors and fillings (red bean paste is the most common). While Tohoen obviously isn't saying eating these will protect people from the virus, they believe everyone has to pitch in and do their part in response to the virus. Perhaps the cute image of their popular bizarre cat manju can do just a bit to help remind people to take precaution when they go out.

The masked cat manju are available in two types of red bean flavor, as well as brown sugar. They'll be sold at Tohoen's main shop location (Takayama, Gifu prefecture) as well as their online store for 950 yen a box.

By - Big Neko.