Whether it's the ridiculously cheese-laden "New Yorker 1 kilo Ultimate Cheese" or the Jalapeño-smothered "Tsundere Pizza," Domino's Pizza Japan has been upping the ante of late when it comes to pleasing thrill-seekers.

But if you thought the Tsundere Pizza was spicy, consider biting into a slice of pizza spiked with a chili pepper which is several hundred times hotter. That's what Domino's Japan has in store for the foolhardy thrill-seekers who dare to order their new "Halloween Roulette" coming out on October 14th, a pizza with one randomly selected slice spiked with ghost pepper (a.k.a. Bhut Jolokia).

Domino's Japan "Halloween Roulette" Pizza

When it comes to Scoville units, the unit of measure used to quantify spiciness in foods, Jalapeño peppers range from 2,500 to 8,000, while ghost peppers are between 855,000 and 1,040,000. In other words, ghost peppers are at least over 100 times hotter and can be over 400 times hotter than Jalapeños if you compare the low and high extremes of each pepper variety. And that's not even considering the fact that pickled Jalapeños, the type you'll find on a Domino's pizza, are milder than fresh ones, so the difference is even greater.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you're a spice maniac), only a small ampule of ghost pepper sauce is used, so the one who gets the spicy slice in this pizza version of Russian Roulette won't suffer unbearably.

Those who are up for the challenge can order the "Halloween Roulette" option (one slice selected at random spiked with ghost pepper) free of charge on any medium, regular, or large pizza they order between October 14th and November 4th, 2019.

If you're planning it for a party, keep in mind that medium and regular pizzas have 8 slices and that large pizzas have 12. If you're into odds and probabilities, that's a 12.5% or an 8.3% chance, respectively, if you're starting from a whole pie. According to their press release, it's hard to tell which slice is spiked at first glance, so you can enjoy the thrill of not knowing which slice is "the one."

You can add the option on a pepperoni pizza like the one pictured above, or, if you're really hardcore, add it to a Spicy Pizza with two extra Jalapeño pepper toppings (for a total of three)!

If you're ordering more than one pizza and are worried you might get the Halloween Roulette pizza mixed up with another pie you ordered, Domino's Japan has it covered, literally, with a special sticker clearly identifying the pizza as "Halloween Roulette".

Social media campaign

If you live in Japan, you can also participate in a lottery for a chance to win 20,000 JPY in cash. Simply post a picture between Oct. 14th 7:00 and Nov. 4th 23:59 JST of you enjoying the Halloween Roulette challenge on your Twitter, Instagram or TikTok account with the hashtag #ドミノハロウィンルーレット. Be sure to follow Domino's Japan's account on the platform (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) you're posting to first, or you won't be able to receive the direct message informing you of your prize.

Visit the campaign page for more details. (Page available from October 14th).

"Triple Chocolat" Pizza

One pizza you probably don't want to do a Halloween Roulette on is the "Triple Chocolat" Pizza (no typo—it's the French version of the word), another Halloween option Domino's Japan has prepared for those who prefer their pizzas not only free of chili peppers but sweet and chocolaty too.

Covered in premium Belgian couverture chocolate, studded with pieces of "milky white chocolate" and drizzled with a "rich chocolate sauce," the "Triple Chocolat" Pizza costs 999 JPY (excl. tax) and is only available in Medium size on an ultra-crispy crust.

By - Ben K.