In Japan, if you see a snack or sweet labeled with "STRONG" on the package, it's an indicator that the existing flavor (sweetness, spiciness, etc.) are intensified to an unusual level (or in the case of canned alcohol, an extra boozy punch). Burger King Japan is now adding a strong upgrade of its own to its menu, releasing a new heavy duty "Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger."

Burger King Japan recently started a delivery system of classic Whopper ingredients for many staying at home during lock down orders, but the new burger is understandably not on the menu. The Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger takes a previously limited released 4 100% beef patty One Pound Beef Burger and tops it off with a "strong" spicy garlic soy sauce blended sauce.

Both the Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger (single item 1,210 yen, set 1,450 yen) and not-so-strong Super One Pound Beef Burger (single item 1,180 yen, set 1,420 yen) will be available for take out and delivery order only at Burger King Japan from May 22nd to June 4th.

By - Big Neko.