We waited for soy long!

After much speculation and teasing us with their "Fake Burger" which turned out to be a chip butty, Burger King® Japan has finally gone and done it.

The all-new all-veg "Plant-Based Whopper" will be going on sale for a limited time at Burger King® locations throughout Japan.

In case you're wondering if it will live up to the Whopper name, the fast-food chain has apparently spent two years of trial and error developing their plant-based patties, using their very same trademark flame-broiled preparation method used on their meat-based patties to create a fragrant and smoky taste.

The "Plant-Based Whopper" costs 590 JPY (or 890 JPY in a set with medium fries and a medium soft drink) and is available from tomorrow, December 11th, 2020 for a limited time and in limited quantities. So, if you're hankering for a big burger with a bean-derived patty in it, don't be late!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.