Tsukumo is a brand that’s familiar to the PC and gaming enthusiasts of Japan. They’re headquartered in Akihabara and are one of the biggest retailers for everything PC related.

So it only makes sense that they’re merging the two things Akihabara is known for—electronics and otaku culture—with a new line of PC parts and accessories themed after one of the virtual icons of otaku culture, Hatsune Miku.

Six different Miku-themed products were created by PC parts manufacturer Thermaltake, and are being sold through Tsukumo’s website and retail stores. The inspiration for their design was taken out of an illustration by iXima, an artist who worked on some of the drawings that were used for Miku’s Vocaloid packaging. The illustration is titled “Hatsune Miku’s PC Room”, and is pictured below.

The items in Tsukumo’s new line seem to have been made with gamers in mind. The chair, for example, has the typical curved, tall backrest that can be found in most gaming chairs. Meanwhile, the Hatsune Miku keyboard is a mechanical keyboard -- something often used in gaming. It lights up in RGB colors, and also comes with 11 replacement keys & an extraction tool for the keys.

Both the headphones and the mouse are white with splashes of pastel colors. The headphones come with a small external microphone attached, and the mouse is symmetrical in design so it can be used for either the left or right hand.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a PC product line without components for the PC itself. Standing at around 49 cm tall, the PC case is a mid-tower type and has acrylic panels on its sides. As for the PC internals, the fans come in a set of three and a controller. When plugged in, they also light up in bright, rainbow colors.

The prices and availability for each product can be viewed on Tsukumo’s website. The gaming chair is exclusive to their online store, but all the other products in the Hatsune Miku line are available both online and in Tsukumo’s physical stores.

By - Jen Laforteza.