Source: @emi690

Japanese artist gives raw oyster luxurious vacation

Oysters, particularly raw oysters, have an image of luxury food about them. So it's no surprise that when they need some time to relax from being shelled up or eaten, they do it in style. Japanese Twitter user and manga artist Emily (@emi690), we now have a glimpse into how oysters spend their time off!

Emily recently shared this oddly adorable picture with the caption, "A raw oyster during vacation."

Source: @emi690

As cute as the image is of an oyster with enjoying it's own miniature bench, hat, and colorful cocktail while it stares at the sea it used to live in may be, it's not actually a real raw oyster! It's actually a realistic oyster pouch that Japanese online retailer Felissimo sells, as we previously introduced.

You're more than welcome to buy your own and use it as a pouch--or give it a vacation! We don't particularly recommend using real oysters, however.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.