Japanese illustrator, manga artist, and all-around animal lover Ponkichi (@PonkichiM) is most famous for providing a shiba inu alternative to Japanese bank notes that was so popular it got turned into merchandise. The talented artist seems to have a creative passion for fusing animals and food, however, as evidence by his Cthulian squid watermelons.

Ponkichi is continuing that artistic trend with a new series the illustrator says is an effort to get young children to like vegetables. Each day, Ponkichi posts a new illustration that charmingly meshes adorable animals and vegetables into "fairies".

While it may sound like an odd combination at first, Ponkichi is able to blend qualities of the animals and veggies into an adorably fantastical aesthetic (along with some name puns such as "Wasa-beaver". Because Ponkichi updates the series regularly, be sure to follow on Twitter! You can also purchase goods with the designs from Ponkichi's Suzuri online store. Below are a few highlights from the series!

By - Big Neko.