In Japan, a A hanko, also known as an inkan, is a stamp of your name which is used in Japan the same way as a signature, to sign off on documents and forms. The item is essential for navigating some of the more official avenues of Japan's paper society. In recent years, hanko have become more stylized, offering official Pokemon seals, cat and shiba inu seals, as well as hanko that convert non-Japanese names to kanji.

While hanko typically use a dark red ink, Japanese stationery maker Shachihata is now providing a gorgeous lineup of ink colors, inspired by Japanese nature. It's called "Watashi no Iro", or "My Color" in Japanese.

The concept behind the ink lineup is to express the beauty and nature of Japan through hanko. Each ink pad is a mix of colors associated with a particular theme, and thus can produce a multi-colored seal--whether it's used for decorative purposes with character seals or official documents with your name.

Colored Carp

Mikan (Japanese tangerines)




The lineup of gorgeous ink pads will go on sale from Shachihata's online store for a limited time (September 1st-September 8th).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.