Japan’s Studio Ghibli merchandise wonderland, Donguri Kyowakoku, have previously dabbled in clothing and accessories, but their brand ‘Donguri Closet’ signals their serious foray into fashion. It specialises in stylish pieces to allow fans to build up a collection of wearable items inspired by their favourite classic movies from the iconic animation studio.

Donguri Closet have now just announced a colourful range of brooches and jewellery in collaboration with a Japanese artisanal brand. The accessory makers they’ve teamed up with for this adorably quaint lineup is ‘Palnart Poc’, who also recently created a super cute collection inspired by Pokemon.

For Donguri Closet’s accessory range, five films have been chosen to serve as the inspiration for several unusual designs to be released early October.

This brooch (4300 yen not including tax) featuring Pazu from 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky' is almost vintage looking and would add instant retro style to any outfit or bag.

The 'My Neighbour Totoro' brooch (4000 yen) also has an old-timey quality to it and the dangling clear bead to denote a raindrop falling from the leaf is a nice detail.

For fans of 'Kiki’s Delivery Service' there’s a brooch (4400 yen) containing a jumble of motifs from the film.

Or a dainty bracelet (4000 yen) including Kiki and the town of Koriko in the design.

The 'Spirited Away' jewellery features two underrepresented characters, the mouse version of Boh and Yubaba’s bird, in a dangly charm which comes either as earrings (5000 yen) or a necklace (3900 yen).

'Howl’s Moving Castle' has also been the inspiration for a brooch (4400 yen), created from an amalgamation of items in Howl’s room.

But that’s not all for Howl’s Moving Castle fans, as the memorable bacon and eggs cooking scene has been made into some adorable earrings (3900 yen, for both pierced and non-pierced ears) and a necklace (3500 yen).

Donguri Closet’s full range of adorable, wearable Ghibli items can be found in selected branches of Donguri Kyowakoku.

By - Jess.