The 65th anniversary of monstrous Japanese legend Godzilla has yielded some interesting celebratory merchandise. The King of the Monsters has been enjoying his big 6-5 with radioactive spicy ramen, a giant amusement park structure that sends you zip-lining into the belly of the beast, and even a vintage jacket with protruding scales.

The Godzilla gifts keep on being churned out, this time by enlisting the help of Kasuh Kaoubou, a traditional maker of silver and natural stone fashionable jewelry, for a lineup of expertly crafted kaiju necklaces.

The batch of handmade silver necklaces feature Godzilla and a murderer's row of some of his most popular kaiju rivals.

Godzilla (1954)



King Ghidorah

MFS-3 Mechagodzilla

Godzilla (2016, Shin-Godzilla)

The batch is available for reservation for 17,600 yen from Bandai Fashion and Premium Bandai, which has an international delivery service here.

By - Big Neko.