(@kunyan_kainyan) takes care of two foster cats and regularly updates her cat-centric Twitter with images from their daily life.

Reproduced with permission from @kunyan_kainan

Ku is the white-pawed cat on the left. Here’s a better picture of Kai below.

Reproduced with permission from @kunyan_kainan

One day (@kunyan_kainyan) caught Ku doing a super-cute pose and was able to capture the moment on camera.

Reproduced with permission from @kunyan_kainan

It’s safe to assume that (@kunyan_kainyan) knows Ku better than anyone. She interpreted Ku’s pose for us with a caption saying

”Will you please listen to my only request in life?”

If you want all-you-can-eat treats then it’s not gonna happen…

But seriously, have you ever seen a cat pose like this before? I mean it’s just perfect.

Standing on hind legs with those big, round, green eyes, and paws interlocked… how could anyone refuse such an angel?

(@kunyan_kainyan) said that Ku was begging for her favorite Ciao ちゅ~る cat treats. Ku could practically be Ciao’s mascot looking like that.

The response to (@kunyan_kainyan)’s post was overwhelming with many users commenting on how adorable Ku is.

One noted how surreal the pose is, almost like CGI.

“How cunning cats can be!” commented another user.

If you check out (@kunyan_kainyan)’s Twitter, you’ll see this isn’t the first time Ku has struck a pose.

So who knows what else Ku has in store for us in the future!

By - Mujo.