It's not news to any parents that children can be pretty creative when it comes to playtime, but as Japanese Twitter user and mother @pakka0e0xx7 recently reminded us on Twitter, children an be especially imaginative when they plot revenge.

@pakka0e0xx7 detailed the mischievously adorable exchange between her and her child with pictures on Twitter. The pictures are illustrations by her young child, used by props when the two play shopping with each other. However, it seems a busy schedule has the mother facing impending punishment thanks to a clever and vindictive play by the kid. As @pakka0e0xx7 writes in a Twitter post:

"1. We were playing as customer and staff in a shop.

2. While I played along dedicatedly at the start, lately I've been busy with things like chores so I've been half-heartedly playing along.

3. I now have a bounty placed on me."

"Hot Dog: 200 yen"

Source: @pakka0e0xx7

"Taiyaki: 100 yen"

Source: @pakka0e0xx7

"Wanted suspect: Mama. The crime of not paying me."

Source: @pakka0e0xx7

Hopefully whoever it is that pursues the bounty can recognize @pakka0e0xx7 from her child's expertly drawn bounty artwork. While we're not sure what the reward for capturing her is, certainly the end result will be with her playing shop a bit more with her imaginative kid!

By - Big Neko.