Earlier this year, the classic Super Mario Bros. franchise marked its 35th anniversary. To celebrate, Nintendo announced several products and events including the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game collection, Super Mario Bros. 35 online battle, and others. It may be a good time to grab a controller and enjoy a blast from the past for anyone feeling nostalgic.

Sure enough, it's been a busy year for the classic characters whose original title was released September 13th, 1985. Universal Studios Japan announced it would open a Mario-inspired teaser cafe before incorporating the franchise into a section of its theme park in 2021. 7-11 Japan and others also raffled-off a series of Mario products in a type of lottery scheme over the summer. Finally, the ghost character Boo found its way into some tasty treats created by a Twitter user.

New Mario Products

More recently, Nintendo announced it would begin selling five gift supply items as well as four character lights made in conjunction with the British company Paladone Products. The product line addresses consumers' Mario gift-giving needs just in time for the holiday season. Take, for example, this yellow, 2-way wrapping bag available for 1600 JPY ($15).

A smaller super mushroom version is also available for 1300 JPY ($12.50). Both can be reused as a shopping bag.

The collection also includes zipper bags for 800 JPY ($7.50)

And message cards are also priced at 800 JPY ($7.50).

Finally, charismatic Paladone lights will be on sale starting at 1500 JPY ($14)

Items will be available during the winter season. Look for them in stores towards the end of November.

By - Luke Mahoney.