While Japan offers loads of awesome stationery such as erasers that slowly turn into Mt.Fuji with every mistake you make and premium ballpoint pens inspired by folklore, there's never quite been an item that looks good enough to eat--until now!

Shiga-based stationery maker and printing company EINS Corporation is answering the pangs of hunger that many jotting down notes for long classes or meetings at work have felt by releasing a lineup of edible memo pads.

The edible note pads are called Kamihime, which is a play on "otohime", a sound or music playing device installed on Japanese toilets to provide an audible cover using them for privacy. The idea this time is to cover up the noise of your growling stomach at school or the office, using completely edible wafer paper (composed of starch powder, olive oil and water) that comes with an edible ink (made of water, citric acid and coloring) food pen to write with.

The edible note pads come in four different "scents" (orange, strawberry, vanilla, and curry) that have a scratch and sniff quality to them that you can secretly munch on after pretending to jot down some super important information while actually counting down the minutes to lunch.

Each note pad set (which comes with the edible ink pen) contains 20 sheets and can be ordered from the EINS online shop for 2,000 yen.

By - Big Neko.