The mixing of savory and sweet food is by no means a jarring concept, but even seasoned foodies might take a step back when the two dishes concerned are ramen and ice cream. Those who frequent Japanese convenience store FamilyMart can now brave their curiosity on that combo, however, as their ice cream section will now be carrying a Baby Star Chicken dried ramen noodles covered chocolate ice cream bar.

Baby Star Ramen is not exactly the bowl of piping hot ramen that would put this combination a bit overboard, but a dried ramen noodle snack flavored with chicken and soy sauce that has been popular for decades in Japan as a way to get your ramen kick in snack chip form. Maker Oyatsu company has actually paired the snack with butter caramel ice cream cups before, but this time they're delivering it in ice cream bar form.

In doing so they will be teaming up with Takeshita Seika, makers of the nearly-Kyushu region exclusive popular ice cream bar Black Mont Blanc, a delicious vanilla ice cream bar coated in chocolate and cookie crumbs that's thought to be a must-try by any visitors to the area.

Together, the companies have teamed up with convenience store FamilyMart to release the Baby Star Ramen Choco Ice Bar, a milk-based vanilla ice cream bar, coated in a chocolate shell and Baby Star Chicken dried ramen noodles for what they call a harmony of sweetness and saltiness.

The Baby Star Ramen Choco Ice Bar is now available at FamilyMart locations across Japan in limited quantities. Baby Star is also releasing Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles (Chicken Flavor) and Baby Star Ramen Cup Noodles (Spicy Chicken Flavor) to let fans enjoy the dried noodles in well...not so dry form!

By - Big Neko.