Even without ordering, all it takes is one look at some of their recently released menu item names--Ugly Burgers, Guilty Butter Burgers, and King Yeti Burgers--to know that Burger King is one of a bit of a heavy-eating kick in Japan recently.

Last year they flexed their loaded burger muscles again with a duo of called the Big Mouth Burgers, and are now bringing them back with an extra layer of hash brown.

The newcomer to the Big Mouth Burgers is the Hash and Chili Big Mouth Burger, which serves up two 100% beef flame-grilled patties, crispy and crunchy hash browns, topped with a mixture of 11-spice chili beans and ground beef, as well as creamy special cheese sauce.

The original Cheese & Cheese Big Mouth Burger also returns. The burger contains three beef patties, is topped with a creamy cheese sauce, rich cheddar cheese slices, and shredded cheese made from a blend of three types of cheese. As you can see, it's quite cheesy.

Both Big Mouth Burgers will be available at Burger King locations in Japan from March 4th to March 17th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.