Sometimes you open your wallet to check how much you have for lunch and realize you spent all your bills. You open the change pocket and there's one lone 500 yen coin staring back at you. If that happens to you and you're hankering for hamburgers in Japan (or you're simply on a budget), here's a deal that may interest you.

B.K. Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. will be holding a 2コ得 nikotoku (two-for-one) campaign for a limited period from January 21st to February 3rd, 2022, every day beginning at 10:30 am, where customers can choose any two of a selection of three burgers for only 500 yen (tax included).

Burgers you can choose from

In their first Nikotoku campaign of 2022, Burger King Japan selected three popular burgers, the "Spicy Whopper® Jr.," a 100% beef patty grilled over an open flame with a delicious spicy sauce to whet your appetite, the "Whopper® Cheese Jr." with rich cheddar cheese, the winner of the most popular burger in the 2021 Nikotoku campaign, and the "Avocado Salad Burger" with creamy avocado and crunchy lettuce with Caesar dressing.

Whether you want to have a full meal and mix it up with two different burgers or get your fill on your favorite burger by ordering two of the same, or you just want a light meal and intend sharing the double burger special with a friend, the Nikotoku campaign has you covered. And for an additional 300 yen, you can also add medium French fries and a medium drink. It's available both for in-store dining and take-out.

Let's take a look at the lineup:

Whopper® Cheese Jr.

Avocado Salad Burger

Spicy Whopper® Jr.

Each of the three burgers in the Nikotoku campaign normally cost 410 JPY (tax included) when ordered individually.

Excluded stores

  • Burger King® Tokyo Racecourse Store
  • Burger King® Hongo Sanchome Store (Tokyo)
  • Burger King® Funabashi Store (Chiba Pref.)
  • Burger King® Yono Ekimae Store (Saitama Pref.)
  • Burger King® Tsugaike Yuki no Hiroba Store (Nagano Pref.)
  • Burger King® Aeon Meitopia Store (Aichi Pref.)
  • Burger King® Ario Kakogawa Store (Hyogo Pref.)
  • Burger King® Yafuso Store (Okinawa Pref.)
  • Burger King® Izumiya Yao Store (Osaka) scheduled to open on 1/20
  • Burger King® Aeon Town Utazu Store (Kagawa Pef.) scheduled to open on 1/25

For more information, visit Burger King Japan's website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.