Step into the kitchen, and well, home in general, of Japanese wood carving artist Poppo (Twitter, YouTube) and you'll be greeted to something close to a Pokémon's dream world.

Poppo crafts detailed and incredibly realistic household accessories modeled after Pokémon, sometimes using their appearance or abilities as inspiration. That includes awesome designs like Ditto bottle holders, Poliwhirl pasta holders, Unown wooden spoon and forks, and Gloom salt shaker holders.

Popo's latest genius wooden Poké-craft cleverly uses the bell-shaped plant-type Pokémon Victreebel, and turns it into an amazing mechanized toothpick holder!

Source: @warkingpoppo

Source: @warkingpoppo

Source: @warkingpoppo

The awesome Victreebel toothpick holder has a wire "tail" wrapped in twine that when pulled, activates Victreebel's top leaf to open up revealing the toothpick container--almost like the Pokémon is alive!

On their YouTube channel, Poppo shows the process of intricately crafting the Victreebel in detail.

Keep an eye out for more amazing wooden Pokémon crafts by following Poppo on Twitter and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.