Whether it's magical snowy hot spring towns, ducks swimming in a sea of hydrangea, or the scariest telephone booth in the country, photographer Ayu (@auki999) seems to find a way to capture scenery around Japan in captivating and gorgeous shots.

Their latest work appears to be one of their most dazzling yet, capturing the beauty of the height of sakura season in Japan with a beautiful backdrop--the moat of Hirosaki Castle in Aomori prefecture. The castle and its adjacent park is known to be one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, boasting over 2500 cherry blossom trees that visitors can take in through tunnels, boating through moats, and having hanami picnic parties under.

Ayu's photo has been dazzling many on Twitter, not only showing why the area is such a celebrated spot to view sakura, but also mystifying those admiring it:

Source: @auki999

"This reflection of the sakura (in the moat of Hirosaki Castle) in Aomori prefecture is so amazing I can't even understand it."

Ayu's description is fitting, as the photo has a mysterious quality to it where the water surface of the moat, which reflects like a mirror and is tinted with the color of cherry blossoms, is so clear that you can't really can't make out the boundary between reflection and reality at first glance. Even once you figure it out, both the petals floating in the moat and their illuminated reflection show just how magical nighttime sakura viewing can be.

On Twitter, many left impressed comments at the photo and the scenery captured:

"It's really incomprehensibly amazing. How did they manage to take such a picture?"

"This makes me realize just how beautiful spring is in Japan!"

"I want to see the cherry blossoms in Hirosaki Park with my own eyes at least once."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.