Whether it be Shellder humidifiers and party lights, Turtwig planters, or Cyndaquil fireworks machines, the lifelike creations of Pokémon clay artist Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) are a Pokémon fan's dream come true.

Nendoyorishin recreates Pokémon in clay sculptures with such realistic detail you'd think they evolved right into the real world, and goes one step further by often giving the sculpture a functional and useful ability based on the Pokémon's type or moveset.

The clay artist's latest Pokémon creation does that cleverly so, as they've made this incredible Pikachu charger that keeps phones alive using its Nuzzle attack!

This time Nendoyoshirin made the wireless charger in tandem with YouTubers Fischer’s, and crafted it using only clay and a MagSafe charger that can give an iPhone Pro max a jolt by conveniently touching it against Pikachu's cheek.

As you can see, it looks great from any angle!


Here's a look at it while it was still being made.

As always, Nendoyorishin breaks down the crafting of the awesome device on their YouTube channel!

Much like their Voltorb phone charger and other sculptures, this isn't a commercial item so its not available for sale. You can learn a lot on how to make your own devices and fantasize about other ones by following Nendoyorishin, however.

Check out more amazing Pokémon clay creations by following Nendoyorishin on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.