Japanese capsule toy maker Kitan Club has stumbled upon an odd but proven to be popular combination: onigiri rice balls and jewelry. Kitan Club has taken rice balls, one of Japan's favorite snacks, and turned them into a line up of rings and ring cases. The series takes the most popular rice ball fillings, and places them inside rice ball-shaped cases that double as ring cases and capsule toy containers for the food-themed ring.

This means, if you're so inclined, you could make a rice ball-themed proposal!

The options for onigiri matrimony continues to expand, as Kitan Club has released a new set of rice ball rings and ring cases, featuring some fancy ingredients.

The hot-selling onigiri ring series includes five new fillings and rice types, which seem to be quite a bit fancier than standard rice ball affair.

From top left to right, the types include "salmon and salmon roe", "fried rice", "sekihan" (rice steamed with red beans, usually served for celebratory events), "toro tuna and takuan pickles", and "unagimeshi" (rice steamed with unagi eel!).

The new series will be available at capsule toy stores throughout Japan beginning mid-May, in 400 yen individual purchases as well as 440 box purchases.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.