Japan's onigiri, or rice balls, offer a variety of delicious fillings to choose from when in need of a snack or meal on-the-go. Although their step-by-step unwrapping process can confuse the uninitiated, that's not a problem with capsule toy maker Kitan Club's take on them: rice ball shaped ring cases that open up so you can propose to your loved one with their favorite onigiri filling!

This is actually Kitan Club's fourth entry in their onigiri case and ring series, having released versions with some of classic rice ball fillings.

This time around you'll have the chance to express your feelings to your true love with with Shiomusubi (salted rice ball), Okaka (dried bonito), Uni (sea urchin), soy sauce-marinated egg yolk, and Asari no shigure-ni (Boiled clams) fillings.

Four of the filling rings will be presented within a standard white rice ball with a slab of nori seaweed, while the boiled clams ring will come inside one that is made to resemble rice slathered in soy sauce.

Because the rice ball capsule cases and rings are too big to fit into capsules, they will drop out of vending machines as is. They'll be available at capsule toy machines across Japan starting August 6th.

By - Big Neko.