Donguri Kyowakoku is known as Japan’s Studio Ghibli merch paradise for a reason. They stock all kinds of items inspired by the animation studio’s beloved movies, from jewellery, to clothes, to interior goods and tableware. One thing they particularly excel at is making this merchandise extra charming, with beautiful designs and impressive amounts of detail.

This can also be said of their latest series called ‘Mi~tsuketa!’, meaning ‘found you!’, which includes figures so detailed and of such an impressive size, that one might really think the character is right there in your house!

One offering in this lineup is based on Heen, Madame Suliman’s errand dog in Howl’s Moving Castle. He’s a character that doesn’t appear that much in merchandise, so Heen fanatics must be particularly excited about this announcement.

This version of Heen is incredibly detailed with with a shaggy coat and tired expression, just like in the film.

The whole figure, including the stand, is 42.5 cm tall and 53 cm long.

As a decorative item it looks particularly cool when placed beside a chair or sofa, as you can recreate the scene in which Heen sits at Madame Suliman’s feet in the movie.

It doesn’t come cheap though, this impressive rendering will set you back 44,000 yen. Heen enthusiasts can currently preorder him at branches of Donguri Kyowakoku in Japan, or through their online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.