You may remember Maeyama's (@xxakaxxv), a talented Japanese photographer who seeks out gorgeous scenery in western Japan, for their capturing of a magical train ride that would fit perfectly in an anime from Studio Ghibli or Makoto Shinkai.

While many of Maeyama's photos are dedicated to breathtaking seasonal imagery around Japan, their latest is sending a shiver down people's spines. Maeyama posted two chilling but eerily beautiful shows of a submerged village in Okayama prefecture saying, "When traveling in Okayama, I felt as if I got lost in the world of a horror game", and they couldn't be more right!

Source: @xxakaxxv

Source: @xxakaxxv

The excellently timed and snapped photos might have you believe Maeyama wandered into the worlds of Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but are actually the submerged remains of what was once known as the Okayama Ushimado Green Farm. In the 90's, it served as a pension village and leisure facility with cottages, tennis courts, a driving range, etc., but after being abandoned was flooded when drainage systems were stopped. Today the farmhouse cottages remain intact, although dilapidated, and seemingly rising out of murky waters.

They are often the subject of what is known as "haikyo", the Japanese word for "ruins", which refers to the hobby of seeking and exploring abandoned and sometimes reportedly haunted areas that make for stunning photography.

But of course, given how grim the photos Maeyama took came across, it's being likened to survival horror video games:

Maeyama has plenty of photos that aren't so bone-chilling, however. Their resume of scenic shots cover everything from majestic cliffs, a seaside train station rumored to have inspire Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, and vibrant Japanese fall leaves.

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By - Big Neko.