It seems that every few months, you can expect to see "drinkable" versions of certain food items popping up in the chilled beverage section of Japanese food stores. Having already seen drinkable ice cream and even drinkable grilled sweet potatoes, you might consider most people to be passed the point of surprise.

A new collaboration between sweets and dairy maker Morinaga Milk Industry and Iwashita Foods seems to have piqued interest, however, as it's essentially a drinkable version of Iwashita Foods popular "Iwashita's Fresh Ginger."

The drink is inspired by the refreshing taste of "Iwashita Fresh Ginger," and with the addition of apple juice, you can assume that it's a bit more palatable than liquified ginger. However, the beverage also actually contains the pickling liquid used in making the fresh ginger, so it seems like this is more than just a ginger flavored juice.

The new drink, called Iwashita Fresh Ginger Pink Ginger Apple, is currently available at select convenience stores in Japan. Naturally, many online are puzzled by the collaboration, but anxious to find out just what it could taste like.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.