When customer service in Japan goes above and beyond to address someone's needs, it's often addressed with the recently coined phrase "divine customer service" (神対応, kami-taiou) and praised as touching. Sometimes, however, an employee breaking the usually very by-the-manual nature of the Japanese service industry with a sense of humor is just as worthy of the term.

Gyakurin (@babypoco0625), a mother of one, got a taste of both when they went out to celebrate the Japanese tradition of Okuisome, or "weaning ceremony." Okusiome marks the 100th day of a child's life and switch off of breastfeeding, and is celebrated by a lavish traditional meal (which the baby merely pretends to eat) that is meant as a wish for the child to grow healthy and enjoy food for the rest of their life. Gyakurin took her young child to a restaurant that provided the celebration service, and decided to order some baby formula on the menu.

What she received in response to a modest order of baby formula had her and other mothers blown away by the restaurant's service, however.

Source: @babypoco0625

"When I ordered baby milk at a restaurant for Okuisome, they brought it out for us like it was champagne."

The restaurant provided some adorable miniature bottle service for the baby! The sight of a mini-ice bucket and and bottle of hot baby formula being chilled hit the ultimate sweet spot of comedic but hospitable imagery. The photo of the restaurant service quickly exploded on Twitter, bringing a smile to many in the replies while also warming the hearts of mothers around Twitter. It certainly looks like Gyakurin's baby will have the good fortune of food after this ceremony, as well as VIP honors.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.